Involve your community, don't alienate them.

Provides a state-of-the-art shopping experience for all users. Now grandparents and friends can purchase items without the complexity of setting up an account.


Customize your sites look and feel, so that you have a uniquely branded web store of your own. Students and members will love the look and feel of the site as well as all the types of payments and fundraisers you can run through it.

All Encompassing

Everyone in the community can participate in your fundraisers and payment collections. Users can have registered credentials, or simply be a member of the community that wants to donate to your cause.

PCI Compliance

The EdPay platform meets and exceeds all Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance measures, so you can feel safe knowing that all transactions are secure.


The EdPay platform integrates with most accounting and student information systems, making record keeping, bookkeeping and auditing a breeze.


Use the EdPay platform to run fundraisers, bring on local vendors and suppliers and also tap into EdPay's network of fundraising platforms.

Reporting Tools

We know that reports are important to running your club, so that's why we've made our reporting function infinitely customizable for your needs. Reports can be generated manually and automatically with varying administrative access.

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